Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sacred and Proud

Did you know that Japan has a couple other mountains but why only Mount Fuji that got all the attention? Is it because the mountain is featured in most Japan related pictures? Or is there any other reason that we’re still unaware of? Now, let’s get to know more about the mountain that have captivated millions of people all over the world and became an integral part from one of the oldest culture in the world.

Still an Active Volcano
You may don’t know this for a fact, but Mount Fuji in Japan is indeed an active volcano. The last eruption ever recorded was over three hundred years ago, but it doesn’t mean that this mountain isn’t dangerous like any other. The official Japanese name is Fujiyama, and a lot of English translation called it as Mount Fujiyama. This is actually a redundancy since the suffix Yama is the Japanese word for mountain. Therefore, many people often called the 3776-meter high mountain as Mount Fuji. But still there are people who used the previous name calling. Like Shakespeare ever said,” What’s in a name?”
Mount Fuji is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan. It’s located just south of Tokyo, and you may even able to see the mountain amidst the tall high rises. The imagery is pretty much like what was portrayed in most media. A blue mountain with snowy white top, standing proud and high.

Perpetually Reverent
During the summer break, which is around May to September where new school term is started, Mount Fuji is often crowded by visitors. However, not all of these visitors are purely there to enjoy the scenery and feel a closer connection with one of their icons. Some of them came to the mountain to pray. There are many stories about why people come as far as Mount Fuji just to pray. The most popular version is that Mount Fuji, being the highest mountain in Japan, gives the people a closer distance to the sky where their Gods resides.
Nearby the Mount Fuji, there’s a black forest called Aoikgahara that is also known as the suicide forest. Back then in the warring era, Aokigahara was used as the hideout for Sanada Yukimura’s army. Some of the soldiers admitted that there are something kind but invisible just passed by. But in any situation, they don’t feel interrupted or distracted even though they have experienced a supernatural incident.

Anyway, hiking or trekking around Mount Fuji in Japan is highly possible. Again, it depends on how long you’re planning to stay in Japan. There are trains to reach the hiking starting point. Or you can make things easy for you by calling a car rental or travel agent to do the arrangement for you. Mount Fuji in Japan holds a wide array of fun. You can always simply do the trekking, or maybe skiing and many more. You wouldn’t want to miss the chance to get on top and enjoy the view from above.